Since 1965 a reference for Clients and Partners

Faet is the leading Italian company in the market of electromechanical and electro-technical components and spare parts. We have premises that cover more than 7000 m² where we store and produce materials intended for building and repairing static and rotating electrical machines, and we are always able to offer our customers precise, quick service.

Our figures makes us the ONE and ONLY



15 mil turnover in 2015

Exports to more than 50 countries


almost 3.000 active customers
3Items managed in warehouse: 12.826
2 Number of expedition: daily more than 100 / yearly 21.650
5Number of production order shipped: 3480 (535 tons and 18.000.000 pieces

98% of its customers are satisfied with the quality of manufacturing *



CSA (Customer Satisfaction Audit) *

Our warehouse and logistic department, handling more than 12.826 items, with high technology solutions



Over the next few years, Faet intends to continue following this chosen path. The Company wants to complete its investment plan and further develop the skills and professionalism of Company personnel.Faet started as a commercial company and its philosophy will always be “quality service”. This is the product we sell, and that sets us apart from other operators: Maximum transparency and correctness in dealing with our customers, guaranteeing safety and quality levels of materials, minimising errors, speed of delivery, and compliance with specifications and deadlines agreed. In order to guarantee its service, Faet cannot overlook the people that make up the Company and that determine its identity. Final results must be characterised by long-term sustainability, where the people that make up the organisation are central to the process. The Company has therefore adopted a combined organisational logic oriented towards professional growth, respect for personal dignity and safeguarding the physical and psychological integrity of workers. For this reason, Faet constantly invests in on-the-job worker safety by constantly modernising and improving workplaces, training and information programmes, and rigorous compliance with laws and regulations.